Build Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android) Apps Without Programming

Mobile Apps are the new in thing in technology world. iOS and Android has opened the floodgates for developers to develop innovative, useful and interactive mobile apps. Mobile sale is going to be more than personal computers in near future. That is the reason everyone is focussing on mobile apps. I have written few posts on creating mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android) apps.

Here is one more online tool MobileAppWizard for creating iPhone, iPad and Android apps without doing any programming. These kind of free app creation tools are really great for people who just want to create basic apps or who want to test the app ecosystem before commiting fully to mobile .

build mobile apps without programming

Main Features of MobileAppWizard

  • Lists – This is one of the most important feature and using this one can create menu items, list of services, product portfolios or any kind of list. A list item can be linked to anothe list item or an app page or a page outside app. So effectively you can have multiple level of browsing.
  • Content – After list, content is the second most important feature. You can create basic content page or complex content page containing images, tables, links, videos. Ideally you can create your complete mobile app using list and content.
  • Offers – This feature is really useful for small business. Business owner can promote coupons, specials and offers.
  • Maps – A good feature to give direction to customer to your business location.
  • RSS – If you blog, you can show your rss feed in app and can give access to content that you already have.
  • Music – Using this feature, you can upload music from various sources and allow fans or subscriber to listen it.
  • Videos – You can share your videos. You can customize layout of video gallery to show as list, grid or coverflow.
  • Photos – Upload photos from computer, internet location and share them.


Supported Mobile Platform

  • Apple App Store – iOS app will be submitted to user’s Apple Developer Account.
  • Android Marketplace – Android app will be published under user’s Android Marketplace Developer Account.

MobileAppWizard seems like a complete tool for creating iPhone, iPad and Android apps.


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