Check Website Errors With Ease

Google is getting smarter and smarter and Google search engine is now placing a higher level of emphasis on grammar errors and website errors post Panda updates. So it is always better idea to cross check and proof read a post before publishing it. But what about old posts. Many blogs have thousands of post. Going through each post will take a lot of time. Is there easy way out to check grammar and other errors. I found this nifty tool website-errors, that does the same job for you.

Website Errors checks for

  • Spelling Errors
  • Image Errors
  • Link Errors
  • Meta Tag Errors

Free service checks only 10 pages of your website and access report of 1 page is available. Registration is required to see report of other nine pages. It costs 99 pounds to check errors on full website. I did a quick check on this website to see errors and quite surprised to see a total of 304 errors on 10 pages. Out of 304 errors, 203 errors are spelling errors. See the screen shot below.

How to Find Website Errors

Just ran test on and found that this website itself has total 122 errors. On checking details of spelling errors, found that 3 errors are for words Login, www and Online. I think they need to remove these words from spelling errors.