Good Alternative for Microsoft Word

Alternative for Microsoft WordAre you looking for Free Alternative for Microsoft Word? I have been using Microsoft Word for quite long and right now I have Office 2007. I do not like two things about Word. First it is paid software. Second it is really hard on computer. It takes too much of memory and processing power. I don’t think I use more than 10% of the available features. So I was looking for some really good Alternative for Microsoft Word. Main things I am looking for are lightweight in working, easy to use and compatible with word format.

Two Types of  Alternative for Microsoft Word

  • Online Document Processor
  • Software Binaries

Online Alternative to Microsoft Word

There are many online tools that offer online document processor. Problem with online tools is that if you loose your account, all your documents will go for toss. And it is quite annoying to log into account every time to edit document. Below are the best ones

Google Docs – This is a product from Google. It has all features that I need in my day to day word processing. You can also collaborate on document and easily share with public or friends.

Zoho Docs – This is another great online word processor. You can open document from many formats, edit and save online or download on your pc.

MS Office Web Apps – This is Microsoft’s version of online Word Processor. You ca upload only MS format documents and edit them and share with your friends. It comes with 25Gb space.

There are many other online tools but I have not added them here as on one knows when they can shutdown their service. Above ones are from big companies. So you can reply on them.

Software Alternative to Microsoft Word

OpenOffice – This is complete Office Suite with word processor, spread sheet processor. This is the most compatible and strong competitor to Microsft Word. It is very feature rich and surely a good bet if you are heavy user of MS Office Suite. Only problem is that it is also very heavy on computer. Complete software suite is around 300 Mbs.

AbiWord – This is real light weight stand alone document processor. You can work with many formats and it is good for home purpose. It is just 8 Mbs in size.

SoftMaker Office 2008 – This is from a German company SoftMaker. They have made older version of this office software free. It is quite light and works very well for most of formats. You can save document in pdf format.