Google Penguin Update – Let Panda Take Rest

Google kept rolling out panda updates in 2011 and always kept web masters on toes and gave them sleepless nights. Many web masters were still reeling under the effect on google panda updates. But things got nastier this week when Google released a new search engine update on April 24th. It was called Google webspam update and later it was renamed as Penguin update. It seems Google has retired panda and got a new mascot for search engine updates or its fight against spam.

What is Google Penguin Update

Well as per Google it is targeted toward spam websites not over optimized websites. Unlike earlier panda updates which took days to go live, this update has gone live within 24 hours. This was an algorithmic update not the manual one. This update affects 3% search queries in English and no English language.

Gainers Vs Losers

Searchmetrics has released list of websites that got hit really hard by Penguin update. Some of the popular websites like Digg, Comcast, HTC, Dictionary has been hit hard. Why was hit? How dictionary, htc, and comcast websites are spammy websites. While, were penalised, gained. Interesting to know also gained from this update. One the other well respected site to get hit was

Search Result After Penguin Update

Forum and blogs are filled with comments, posts, rants about this update. It seems Google have messed up tihs time. Instead of improving search result, search result has deteriorated with this update. People all over internet are complaining about search quality after update. Danny Sullivan has written a great post on Google search result after update.

I have have also found some irrelevant result. Check for pagerank checker and see ninth result on SERP. It is from Check the website yourself and decide if its worth in top 10 listing. Site has barely 5-6 pages. Check wordpress blogs linked from website. Check the bottom of main page. How many times word SEO and SERP has been repeated. Isn’t it key word stuffing.

Searched for SEO in google and 10th result is for This SEO is basically Sponsors for Educational Opportunity. This website has seo in url and have used lot of SEO acronym for long title. I think 99% of the people who are searching for SEO are looking for Search Engine Optimization. So does it fit into SERP.

How to get out from Penguin Update

At the launch, Google said that since this algorithmic update, there will not be any reconsideration request. But Google has now two forms for reporting. First one is for website owners whose website got penalised and second one is for general public to report spam result.

Feedback for Penguin Update -

Spam Reporting Page –

How is your recent search experience? Is it getting better or worse?