WordPress Plugin Review – Week 04/15/2012

MediaShort – A wordpress plugin for creating short url for media files.

Cookie Control – Recently UK and EU has made a legislation that requires websites to obtain explicit consent from visitors for reading cookie. This plugin implements the same.

Affiliate Press – A plugin to create products from product feeds. Supports many affiliate program and networks

Informational Popup – Plugin to create popup windows. Supports text, images, video and links.

Ajax Widget Area – Plugin to load widgets using Ajax. Makes page loading faster. Good for SEO and Visitors.

Author Info – WordPress plugin to place author information in sidebar or footer.

Js Contact Form – Plugin to create simple contact form. Form is validated using java script.

Roots Hide WP – Plugin to hide fact that you are using wordpress.

WP-TwitterAnalytics – Monitor, analyze, store and download social conversation from twitter. Option to embed analytics into widget.

Backuper – Plugin for taking wordpress back. Option to take complete backup or database only backup

DIV Layer Editor – WordPress plugin for modifying theme from front end without touching theme files

Boxify – A nice wordpress plugin to put important content into Boxes. This is great plugin for putting highlights or offer or tips or other important content that you want give special focus.

Image and Link Scraper – Good plugin for scrapping images links from other website.

Correct My Headings – Plugin to correct sub-headings on archive pages

Easy Digital Downloads – Plugin to manage and sell digital downloads

sXss Signature – A nifty plugin to add copyright information, links, pictures or ads at the bottom of posts, pages.

Moneypress Abundtrade – Wanna make quick money on your blog. Get this wordpress plugin. Abundtrade pays cash for used CDs, DVDs and video games. Install this plugin and let your visitors get cash for used stuff. You also get a percentage of that cash.

Take Control Of The WordPress Toolbar – Change and manage wordpress toolbar using this plugin

Paulund Blog Stats – Display blog stats like page rank, alexa rank, google backlinks

Widgets Master – Plugin to manage visibility of widgets

Simple Auto Featured Image – Generates featured image automatically if it is not there

omTwitter – Backup your tweets using this plugin

Events Calendar – A plugin to organize events and sell tickets

Customize Background Size – Plugin to change body background size. This will be wordpress 3.4+ feature.

bSocial – Plugin to add open graph metadata and other social features

bCMS – Add extra zing to wordpress blog with this plugin. Modify post loop, add category description, add breadcrumbs etc.

HappyCaptcha – Use Happy captcha anti-spam methods using this plugin

Smart Links – 1.0 – A better way to insert links in posts.

Social Media Icons - A plugin to display social media icons in widget on sidebar. Supports 28 social media sites.

News bar – A powerful plugin to display latest tweets or posts from specified category

Wp cycle text announcement – Plugin to display news using cycle jQuery

NuvemTechnologies Ad ServerA plugin to manage ads on your blog. Display ads from google adsense, Nuvem or your own ads.

Image Crosspost – A nice plugin to extract image from post while posting and posting that image to other web 2.0 sites. Supports flickr at present.

WPFlikr – Upload and manages images on flickr account and insert images from flickr.

Application Maker | CRM Edition – Plugin to create complex application using post types, custom data fields etc.

RPS Include Content – Pull content from other posts or pages.

Embedded Style Sheet – Create embedded style sheet in head tag

hCard ShortCode – Translate vCard to hCard

SocialPublish – Share posts to facebook and twitter automatically. Uses socialpublish.io service

CDYNE Call Me – Add a Call Me button your blog or website and let visitors make a call

prettyPhoto Media – Add prettyPhoto lightbox or modal overlay for images, videos

The subtitle – Add sub title to post

simple-lazyload – Load images when user actually want to see.

oik-nivo-slider – Add jQuery Nivo Slider

Contact Form 7 AutoResponder – Add people to mail chip mailing list who have sent message using Contact Form 7.

RSS Links Manager – Manage RSS links using this plugin

Logo Manager – Change blog’s logo using this plugin

Simple microbloggingAdd micro blogging to your blog

BotBlockerPlugin to block bots using honeypot technology

Catablog Ordering – Add catablog support and let users make purchase

WP SC News Scroller – Add news scroller

Artisteer Custom Sidebar Generator – Add sidebar to wordpress theme

mg Pinterest Strips – Display pinterest pins using this plugin

WP Twitter Mega Fan Box – Display twitter followers in a facebook like box

SC Pay per Post – A plugin to let only paying member create post

SEO WordPress – A new wordpress SEO plugin

Simple User Rank Comments – Rank users based on comment count

CSS Plus – Add CSS specific to posts, pages

Post Index – Create alphabetical index of posts

Prospek Strings Sanitizer – Sanitizes post title for SEO

Best Contact Form – Create contact form easily and quickly. Also track keywords

User Tracker – Track users and pages visited

The Saver – Save posts / pages using Ctrl + S button

GoodReviews – Display reviews from GoodReviews using this plugin

Ajax Theme – For theme developer. Help developers in developing ajax based themes

Karmacracy Widget – Add Karmacraxy widget on your blog

Banner Manager – Manage banner on blog

CleanSave – Lets users save web page content to pdf, dropbox, google docs

Related Posts All in OneDisplay related posts in grid, list or slider layout

Responsive Video Embeds – Resize embedded videos and iframes.

Pinterest Scroll To TopAdd back to top button


  1. Thanks for the list of up to date plugins. Very handy.