WordPress Plugin Review – Week 04/29/2012

WordPress Varnish as a Service – Plugin for purging Varnish cache. Works with Varnish 2 and Varnish 3.

Author Social Links – Add social media links for Author, next to post author. Good for guest blogger as it puts social media contact directly near author name.

BuddyPress MyMood – Share mood at different times and status with this plugin.

Verite Timeline – Do you facebook timeline? How about creating timeline with media and displaying on wordpress blog. Use this plugin to add  timeline created by Verite.

jQuery Image Carousel for WordPress – Create slideshow from within post. Supports different sizes and effects.

Automatic link checker – Scan blog posts for links and remove broken links.

Custom Login Css – Add custom header and footer to login page.

27coupons – Add deals and coupons from Indian e-commerce website. There is no incentive for displaying these coupons and deals.

The SEO Rich Snippets – Add rich metadata snippets markup for better SEO.

Include Content Slice – Include part content from other files or posts.

Tag Cloud Canvas – Add 3d tag cloud on blog.

wp-webp – Display images in WebP format on browser that does not support WebP format.

Navis DocumentCloud – WordPress plugin to embed documents uploaded on DocumentCloud.

images-lazyload-and-slideshow – Four different gadgets for images. Customized CSS, Lazyload, Slideshow and Tracking code.

InPost Gallery – Create gallery and display it in post/page.

Admin Font Editor – Plugin to set font style and size for HTML text editor.

Recent Posts Only – Display recent posts on home page upto certain time length.

Global Notifications – Show notification or message above posts. Good displaying ads, flash message etc.

Content Widget – Display excerpt content of post in widget. Give user teaser view of post.

Theme Bakery – Generate new theme from _S theme.

feedmonster for wordpress – Add products from affiliate feeds.

Buddypress User Registration Auto Group – Automatically create new group for buddy press user on sign up.

WP Parallax Content Slider – Add content slider for last posts anywhere on posts / pages.

Remove Default Widgets – Prevent wordpress from registering default widgets.

DT Author Box – Display author image, bio, image and twitter account information at the bottom of post.

Floating Admin Menu – Make admin menu flaoting.

Fancy Website Title – Animate blog title, post title with this plugin.

CodeShield – Prevent copying of blog content. No demo.

Kevin’s Plugin – Enter meta data into header and footer.

Content By Location – Display content based on visitor’s country location. Supports smart-ip.net, hostip.info and maxmind.com apis.

Individual Notifications – WordPress plugin to display  notifications, warnings and alerts in posts.

WP Symposium Blog Post – Enable blogging on WP symposium social network.

Manage Upload Types – Restrict file types uploaded to media library.

Custom Post Type Search – Search custom post types, taxonomies and metadata.

WP-Clippy – Add a flash button for copying string to clipboard.

ReadyPulse Social Brand Advocacy Widget – ReadyPulse user can display content widget on blog.

CloudFlare URL Replacement – Replace link to CloudFlare CDN server.

Torbit Insight – Check website / blog’s real time performance using this plugin. Good plugin for SEO purpose.

Membrane – Make blog / website private.

Old IE Alert – Display notification to IE 7 or lower visitor.

Multiple Featured Images – Add multiple featured images to post.

Securimage-WP – Add powerful captcha protection to blog.

Widget Builder – Create custom content widget.

Social Timeline – Display feeds from social websites in timeline fashion.

I Recommend This – Recommend or like post instead of commenting.

Newsgrape Sync – Sync wordpress blog post to Newsgrape.com service.

Total Facebook – Enable facebook commenting on individual post or all posts.

Comment Disable Master – Enable / Disable comments for each post or all posts.

Post Content XMLRPC – Create post on another wordpress blog from single place.

Silence – Disable checking plugin update system.

FPW Honey Pot Links – Adds / removes Honey Pot links to / from existing posts / pages.

TeeChart – Create and add chart to blog post.

WP Breaking News Mail – Send emails to subscriber on publishing a post to specific category.

WP Comments Google Map for Posts – Add Google Map to post and display location of user who have commented.

My Post Editor – Add content before and after post.

SCF Dummy Content – Add dummy content to blog. Good for developer.

GoCardless WordPress plugin – Let visitor subscribe to blog using GoCardless.

TwentyTen Options – Add options to configure Twenty Ten theme.

Beta Invite Registration Lock – Lock your blog and let limited user have access to it using passkey.

Ajax Google Libraries CDN – Use javascript libraries from Google and speed up wordpress loading time.

Source View – See source code of class / function.

Professional Share – Web 2.0 sharing button.

WordPress Click2Client – Add click to call functionality to blog.

Simpul Forms – Add simple contact form.

Add Custom Link to WordPress Admin Bar – Add custom links on admin bar.

Post Duplicator – Duplicate a post using this plugin.

Content Commander -Update users in real time with this plugin. Uses PubNub service.

Featured Link Image – Add meta box for adding featured image.

Approval Workflow – Check if registered user have permission to post.

PalTip plugin – Change external link to affiliate links.

Dialogs – Add modal dialogs to wordpress.

Roots Plug – Cleans up default output of wordpress blog. Makes wordpress blog leaner and faster.

Twitter Hashtag-based Conversation – Display twitter stream for specific hashtag in post / page.

Basic Comment Quicktags – Add bold, italic, add link and quote buttons ti comment form.

WP Coming Soon – Add coming soon countdown clock.